How to stop a beard from itching – simple steps

June 23, 2019 8 By Black&tan
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One of the most common issues every beards man will come across when growing a beard is that dreaded beard itch and asking yourself how to stop a beard itching? It can play a massive part in you giving up and saying sod it I can’t handle this anymore and just reaching for your razor and shaving off your beard before it has really had a chance to grow. I am going to let you into some of my secretes that I use to help stop the infernal itch and get you growing that beard you want.

What causes my beard to itch?

To stop your beard itch, it will help to you know what makes your beard itch and this will help you understand how to stop it. I also want to let you know that it does not last for ever it is only temporary.

So what cause your beard to itch?

There are two main contributors to this. First one is your own skin, well I should say your dead skin cells. That’s right one of the biggest causes of beard itch is the build up of your old skin cells on your face and in about your bristles. If you think about it most of us would shave every day which is removing all the old dead skin cells from your face.

Once you decide that you are going to grow a beard the first thing you are going to do is stop shaving. Once you have stopped shaving the first week – week and half you probably won’t have any issues. I would say it is normally after the 2-week growth mark that you will probably start to get the itch. Don’t worry I can help you beat the itch.

Secondly another main contributing factor to beard itch is your actual hair growth. As mentioned earlier you will probably shave every day or every couple days, so your hair will never get that long and your hair follicles will never of had long hair grow out of them.

As your beard grows the hair actually gets thicker and in doing so stretches the folical. This is a new feeling for your face that you have not experienced before and contributes to the itchy feeling. Don’t worry your skin and follicles soon get used to your new beard growth.


Exfoliating your face twice a week will help to stop and prevent that pesky itch appearing. There are many benefits to exfoliating skin in general.

  • helps remove dry and dead skin cells (main cause of beard itch)
  • it increases blood cerculation
  • helps achieve healthy glowing skin
  • will help prevent ingrowing hairs (nobody likes theses0
  • helps prevent clogged pours

I highly recommend that you start exfoliating as soon as you start to grow your beard to get one up on that beard itch. If you stop the build up of dead skin cells hopefully you will not suffer. Even if you have been growing your beard for a long time now and don’t exfoliate I would highly recommend you start. I still exfoliate twice a wee. It is just part of my grooming routine.

I would experiment with what exfoliator to use, find what suits you. Personally I prefer liquid exfoliators with all natural ingredients. You want to put the most natural products on your face and don’t want to strip all of your good natural oils from your face.

If you have a short beard or at the stubble phase I would recommend you pick yourself up an oatmeal or active charcoal soap bar or if you live with any women see what you can borrow/acquire off them.


Moisturising my face is a big part of my daily routine with or without a beard. I Have always moisturised first thing in the morning and last thing at night before bed. When I first attempted to grow a beard I thought that I didn’t need to moisturise my face anymore as I was growing my beard and not shaving. Safe to say my first attempt of growing my beard didn’t last long.

As did more research into growing a beard and how to stop a beard from itching I learned about beard oil (I will cover that next) I discovered what happens to your skin as you grow your beard so I decided to start using my moisturiser again alongside beard oil/balm and with in days I started to notice a big difference in my skin and the itch started to die down.

Beard oil/balm

Beard oil and beard balm are going to become your best friends when it comes to growing your beard. There are so many amazing ingredients in them that are great for your skin and beard. I recommend you to start using a beard oil/balm as soon as you want.

Some guys recommend not using a beard balm until your beard is at a longer length as it is a heavier product compared to beard oil. It is total preference. I would recommend using it as soon as you go past the stubble stage. Most beard balms use 2 or 3 different butters and carrier oils in them that have so many amazing properties that are so good for your skin.

I use both on my beard. I use a very small amount of beard oil on my skin and use my beard balm more for my beard and styling. As have before it is personal preference. Find what works best for you.

Beat that itch

Hopefully this post has been of some help to you in finding ways to stop that dreaded beard itch or even reduce it so you can actually grow your beard and enjoy it. As mentioned at the beginning of this post beard itch is only tempoary it will go eventually as your face gets use to its new habitat it just takes a little time, patience and determination to get through it.

But why suffer when you can add a couple of little steps to your morning and night routine that will make your beard growing experience so much more enjoyable.

Enjoy growing guys

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