How to grow my beard – Week 3

August 19, 2019 0 By Black&tan
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Today marks 3 weeks since my last full shave. I am beginning to notice a big difference in my beard now. It is coming in nicely, as per usual it is nice and thick around my goatee area and along my chin. My cheeks are still quite thin but they always take their time to catch up with the rest of my beard. My moustache is coming nicely to.

Congratulations to you if you have reached this mile stone as well, great effort keep it up.

week 2 into growing my beard and neckline introduced

Week 3 into growing my beard. Side view

Week 3 into growing my beard. Coming nicely









How this week has been

This week has been interesting for me. For some lovely reason the dreaded beard itch has kicked in full swing for me this week. It has been a fun week haha.

Due to this my care routine has been quite intense for this stage in growing my beard. Usually it doesn’t start until I hit the 4-5 week point, But as I said last week I usually start growing my beard in the Autumn/Winter and not the middle of the summer so I think this is playing a massive part in the itch coming early.

It has been manageable, I have just had to increase how often I have been Exfoliating and have introduced beard oil and to the end of the week I have started applying a little beard balm to help control the itch as well.

If your beard has started to itch please believe me it will pass, don’t let it beat you. Many a man has given in to beard itch and missed out on the joys of having an amazing beard to show off to the world.

If you are struggling with beard itch check out my post on how to control it here.

My Routine

This week my morning routine as seen a big change. I have gone from just moisturising twice a day as I always do and exfoliating once a week, too moisturising twice a day, exfoliating every other day, applying beard oil, brushing my stubble to help reduce the itch and also applying beard balm once a day.

This is normally the kind of routine I expect to see myself doing around the 5-6 week mark not the 3-week point. It is nothing to worry about though, it is for a good reason. Once the itch dies down and my skin gets use to the new environment on it I will reduce the amount of times I exfoliate back to once or twice a week.

I mentioned before I had started brushing my beard, I have started brushing for 2 reasons, first is to help with the beard itch as it helps to remove the build up of dead skin cells on your face which contributes to beard itch and secondly helps to train your beard in the direction you want it to go.

I have quite a curly beard so the sooner I can start training it to lie flat and grow straighter the better. You might not have this problem, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

If you are planning on going for an awesome handlebar moustache I would recommend starting to brush it as soon as you can so it will start growing in the right direction.

Oh forgot to mention that I have been keeping on top of my neckline as well. I do this every couple of days as I can suffer quite badly with razor burn. If you are thinking of tiding up your neckline, but are a little unsure about doing it, check out my post with tips on how to do so here.

What comes next?

What to expect in the up coming week? Nothing to crazy to worry about. Your beard will keep on growing and you will continue to look after it as you have been this week.

If you haven’t already, I would start introducing some beard oil to your routine. Just a couple of drops, you don’t want to over do it. I apply my beard oil after my shower. I prefer to apply it when my beard is still wet, it helps to lock in some extra moisture. If you are unsure on what beard oil to use check out my beard oil review on Mo Bro’s, their oil is great and not to expensive.

If you live in the USA I recommend trying Beardbrand or Live Bearded both are excellent products. If you go for Live Bearded use this code to get 10% off: JOIN THE BROTHERHOOD HERE


Hopefully your are seeing some progress in your beard journey and enjoying it at the same time. I’m sure you have been doing plenty of research on beard styles, products and tips to help you on your way.

If you are looking for some great advice, tips and help Check out my post on Beardbrand – More than just a Product and get yourself over to their site where you will find some amazing content from them, I know I have.

If you have any questions, comments or would like to share your progress with me feel free, I would love to here from you.

Enjoy Growing

Black & Tan

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