How to Grow My Beard – 2 weeks done

August 11, 2019 0 By Black&tan
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Check us out, 2 week’s into growing our beards. If you are growing your beard for the first time well done on coming this far you should be proud of yourself.

How’s your beard coming on?

As I said before 2 week’s in is awesome. At this point you should really be noticing some growth now, it may be patchy or a full face of stubble either way you are well on your way to growing your beard.

Hopefully after last week’s blog you have gone out, and got yourself a quality moisturiser and exfoliator. You should also be using your moisturiser twice a day at least and have exfoliated at least once by now. These TWO steps are crucial in helping prevent beard itch.

Hopefully you are not like me and getting a little itchy already, it differs all the time. For instance my last beard I grew I hardly got any itchiness until about the 4-week mark and this time I’m getting it after 2 week’s.

I have exfoliated 3 times this week just to see if would help, and it has. I’m putting it down to the warm weather and me working outside and sweating a lot the past week, also this is the first time I have started growing a beard in the middle of summer (I’m in Scotland) so I am noticing a some little differences this time round.

Tidying up my neckline

Today I have tidied up my neckline. As I mentioned in my post “how to shave a beard neckline” I clean my neck up quite early on in growing my beard. I feel it looks more presentable and people will notice this and not think I am just lazy and cant be bothered shaving.

I know a lot of men talk about leaving it for at least 6 week’s and that is cool, it is completely up to you. Personally I would not leave it any longer than the 6 week’s as it could be a bit more difficult to get the neckline in the right place, especially if you are doing it for the first time. If you do it early on in growing your beard and go to high there is not as much of a panic due to the fact you haven’t got to wait to long for your neckline to grow in and it won’t look to out of proportion till it grows back.


What to expect next

Depending on how your beard is coming in, next week might be pretty much the same as this week. If your beard is coming nice and thick like myself, you might want to start introducing some beard oil to your daily routine.

If you have decided to clean up your neckline you will probably be keeping on top of it too, personally I do my neckline every other day just due to the fact that I can suffer from quite bad razor burn.

Keep up with moisturising every day and your exfoliating too.

Enjoy Growing

Black & Tan

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