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August 15, 2019 0 By Black&tan
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Today I am going to talk to you about Beardbrand. If you are in the world of beards you have probably heard of this brand of beard products or stumbled across some of their videos on YouTube when looking for some beard advice. This is how I discovered Beardbrand.


About Beardbrand

Beardbrand is a company that produces products for your beard like beard oil, balms, brushes, combs and more. But wait their is more, they also produce products for your hair too and are always looking to increase their product line.

Beardbrand was founded in 2012 by CEO Eric Bandholtz and was originally started off as a blog, a YouTube Chanel and a Tumblr blog. Eric started Beardbrand on these platforms to share his knowledge of growing a beard and to provide style inspiration to fellow beardsmen and more important create a community for like-minded bearded men.

With Beardbrand and its community Eric was on a mission to change the way men with beards were portrayed, and change the stereotype of men with beards as being lazy and unkempt.

Beardbrand was featured in a Newyork Times article called Taming of the Beard. Eric being a switched on kind of man took advantage of this free publicity and took Beardbrand to another level. From this point Beardbrand would never be the same.

The brand has developed from a blog and small community to having over 1million subscribers on YouTube and a great product line for beards and hair styling and care. The great thing about Beardbrand is that they are a lot more than just an online store.

Here are Beardbrands Vision and Mission Statements straight from their page.

VISION STATEMENT: To change the way society views beardsmen.

MISSION STATEMENT: To foster confidence through grooming.

Product Range

When it comes to the product range Eric made sure no expense was spared when developing the Beardbrand product range.

All products are made from natural ingredients that benefit your skin and hair. You will not find any nasty chemicals in them like parabens and sulphates that do nothing good for your skin or hair.

There are three lines in their range, you have the Silver and Gold line available from their online store and you have the White line that is available from target stores in the USA.

The silver line is made up of three scents, These are Tree ranger, Tea Tree and Spiced Citrus while the Gold line is made up of Old Money, Temple Smoke and Four Vices.

The White line is made up of Blank Slate and Lumber Yard. The White line is what they describe as their entry level beard care products and the range is quite small compared to the other two lines.

Products Available

  • Utility BalmTea Tree Utility Balm
  • Beard Oil
  • Styling Balm
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Beard Wash and Softner
  • Moustache Wax
  • Sea Salt spray
  • Utility Bar

They also supply high quality brushes, combs, scissors and different kits along with their own range of apparel.

Out of their range of scents I have tried from the silver line, Tee Tree (my Favorite) Spiced Citrus and Tree ranger. From the gold line I have tried Temple Smoke and Four Vices. Being from the UK I was lucky enough to be able to buy some of their products before they stopped supply to the UK and Europe.

They have temporarily stopped shipping directly from their site from across the pond due to issues with customer service and this does not sit well with Eric or the company. Like everything Beardbrand does it be to the highest of standards and the fact that their European supply was not quite their, they have decided to put it on hold for the mean time until they can get it up to the standards they strive for.

There is a list of retailers on their site from all over the world that you might be able to purchase their products from. Check them out here.

YouTube Channel

As I mentioned earlier Beardbrand has its own YouTube channel with over a million subscribers. This is where I discovered Beardbrand I was looking for some tips on growing my beard. While doing some searching I came across a video from Greg Berzinsky ( Instagram @berzinsky) who does a lot of videos for Beardbrand alongside Carlos Costa (Instagram @roque_80, Jack Milocco (Instagram @thathandsomejack and Eric(Instagram @ericbandholz) himself just to name a few.

On their channel they cover everything you can think of when it comes to growing, maintaining and styling a beard, so if you are looking for some advice or looking for help I highly recommend having a look through their channel.

The Beardbrand channel is not just about beards, they have many talented barbers featuring on the channel giving great tips on styling your hair as well as your beard.

Once you have finished reading this post, pop over to their YouTube channel and have a look through all their videos, I’m sure you will find some amazing advice and tips their.

The Beardbrand Alliance

The Alliance is a private community for like-minded men that have the same passions and interests and are looking to grow on a daily basis by investing in themselves and others. It is a private community, troll free forum where you can seek advice from fellow beardsmen or talk to men with similar hobbies and interests.

You also get early access to product launches, access to Alliance exclusive events and interact with Beardbrand team members and influencers. Don’t be surprised if you find your self in a chat with Eric him self on the forum, Eric is a very active member along with a lot of his team. I have been an active member since November 2018 and feel it is one of, if not the best forums I have joined. I have had many a question answered their.

Another great point about the Alliance is that they encourage you get involved and be apart of the community. Every moth their is new challenge set by the Beardbrand team to get you involved for instance challenge 1 be to introduce yourself, create a topic to discuss, (can be anything) visit every day for 10 days and interact with the community by giving 10 like and comment 10 times. Nothing difficult with that and you get chatting with some amazing guys from all over the world.

If you are interested in joining the Alliance their are 2 easy ways to become a member of the alliance. 1st be to buy 3 Beardbrand Alliancetimes directly from Beardbrand store and you will be sent a private invitation to join. 2nd for those of us that are in regions that can’t get beard brand products or would like to join immediately you can pay a one off payment of $90.

The reason this is not a free to join forum is that Beardbrand want to keep it a private for like-minded guys to help each other grow as individuals and as a community and have no space for people that like to discriminate, abuse, spam or just stir things up for the sake of it. Nobody needs people like this in their lives.

If it is something you are interested in I recommend you head over to to get all the joining up details.

I hope to see you in their soon.


I would highly recommend you pay a little visit to the Breardbrand website or pop over to their YouTube site and check out some of their amazing content. If you are serious about your beard then you will gain so much from all the team at Beardbrand.

As I mentioned earlier on in this post they have stopped shipping to the UK and Europe for the mean time, if you can get your hands on their products I highly recommend you do, especially the beard balm and beard oil, your beard and skin will really thank you for the investment.

I look forward to seeing you in the Beardbrand Alliance.

Enjoy Growing

Black & Tan

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