Beard Comb vs Beard Brush – What to use?

July 3, 2019 0 By Black&tan
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There are a few key tools you will need to have in your arsenal for keeping your beard in tip-top condition. First of all is beard oil or a beard balm, second is a beard shampoo/wash and third is a beard comb or beard brush to help tame your fine mane. Now the big question is beard comb vs beard brush what one to use?

The Beard comb

The beard comb is an essential in any mans beard care routine. Using a decent beard comb will help you style you beard and help control all those annoying little stray hairs that don’t want to play and keep waving at everyone.

Another benefit for using a beard comb is that it helps to distribute your beard products evenly and thoroughly throughout your beard.

Beard combs can be made from a variety of different materials. The most common you will see are combs made from plastic or wood, I have also seen them made of horn as well. I believe these combs need a bit of looking after and oiling due to them drying out and becoming brittle.

It is completely up to you as to what kind of comb you use, I would highly recommend using wooden or cellulose acetate (looks like tortoise shell) combs, The reason for this is these materials do not cause any static which helps in stopping your beard from getting all frizzy.

If you are going to use a plastic comb, I ask you to buy a good quality brand, the reason for this is for build quality. You may find that cheep plastic combs may have ruff edges on the teeth from mass production or poor quality control. Ruff edges are not good and could mean a high possibility of it snagging on your beard and damaging or plucking out your hairs, The last thing you want is that.

The beard brush

Another essential to your beard care routine is a quality beard brush.beard brush will help controlling, training and keeping your beard clean.

I would highly recommend using a boar bristle brush on your beard, the main reason for this is it is a natural product. Boar hair is very similar to our own  and is great for helping distribute sebum (skins natural oil). Boars hair is also very stiff which helps with penetrating your beard right down to the skin and foliacls. It will also help to detangle the thickest of beards.

Nylon or man made bristle can be just as ridged and will penetrate most beards like a boars bristle brush, but due to the way these bristles are manufactured I would not recommend using one. The bristles can be very ruff and will damage your hairs, also they are not as good as helping distribute sebum.

You wll find that most boar brislte brushes are mad from wood, there are different styles so it is just down to finding what you prefer. Some come with a handle and ohters dont. End of the day they will do the same job.

Beard comb vs Beard brush

When it comes down to the big question beard comb vs beard brush which one to use? it is completely up to you, as I always say everyone is different. I know this does not help you with making this decision. Some men only use a beard comb and others only use a beard brush and then you get the rest like myself that use both.

That’s correct you heard me right I use both. I use my boar brush in the morning to help train and control my beard. I have a quite curly beard. I tend use my wooden beard comb when I apply my beard oil. The main reason I do this is because I apply my beard oil while my beard is still damp and use my comb to help distribute the oil through my beard and don’t really like using my boar brush on my damp beard. (that’s just me though)

I tend to use my beard comb during the day if I need to tidy my beard up slightly or just give it a quick going over, the main reason for this is that I find a beard comb easier to carry with me, depending on the size of your comb it will fit in your pocket a lot easier than a brush.

When to use a beard comb/brush

I would say to start using a beard comb/brush when your beard stops becoming stubble and starts looking like a beard. Some men would say to wait until your beard is at least 1/2 to 1 inch in length but it is up to you.

I personally use my beard brush from quite an early stage. For me I find it helps with the control of beard itch as you are getting down to skin and giving it a good massage getting the blood circulating and exfoliating your skin all at the same time, which will help remove all the old dead skin cells that build up. It also helps to train my beard from an early stage.

What to use beard comb or beard brush?

Use both in my opinion. As I said earlier it is completely up to you what you use, one is not any better or worse than the other. They both play a key role in the up keep and maintenance of your beard.

One thing I would definitely say to any man growing a beard or starting to grow a beard for the first time is to invest in at least one or the other you will not regret it at all and your beard will thank you for it.

Enjoy growing guys


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